Chance Raps

With a new Chance tape dropping this month, Mattitude releases this new surprise Chance The Rapper mixtape Chance Raps. Featuring works from all of Chance's major projects to date, Chance Raps is full of the Chicago artists' biggest songs, as well as rare interview clips and material that even Chance's biggest fans haven't heard!

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7:55 AM April 21, 2016 01Howard said:

this fo real?
12:01 AM April 20, 2016 elainahw via Mobile:

This is a good playlist
6:45 PM April 19, 2016 mastamindatl via Mobile:

soooooooooo lammmmmmmmmmeeeee
12:07 AM April 19, 2016 DJEV07 said:

9:57 PM April 17, 2016 a5always via Mobile:

Man where is hello at!!!!!
10:51 AM April 16, 2016 Mars_11 said:

Dude is a genius... Period.
7:02 PM April 15, 2016 Blu_Ken via Mobile:

@TonyStreet thank you!!! The whole Pushaman/Paranoia song combined should be here
3:54 PM April 15, 2016 TonyStreet via Mobile:

Please tell me why isn't Paranoia on here