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3:37 AM April 26, 2016 barrydr said:

This is just a classic cruising sons tape. Idk how you could down vote this. I liked 10/14 of these songs thats rare for a tape.
6:49 AM April 25, 2016 kingjohnny via iOS App:

Naw now my nigga Bankroll cliqued up with Playa G on some real Boss ****. L7 niggas need not apply, 'cause that's way too much game for a lame of that caliber.
9:26 PM April 24, 2016 losecontrol said:

7:07 PM April 22, 2016 str8gems said:

How can you downvote this mixtape? This might be one of the smoothest combinations of cuts of the year so far...

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