Beanz - Painted Pictures

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4:57 PM April 26, 2016 RitcheyRich said:

Love the baseline on 6Teen! That **** is smooth. It's been stuck in my head all day.
2:50 PM April 26, 2016 dineronino said:

More music like this has to be made, this is real rap not just the same thing said over and over with a catchy beat. Great overall tape
1:55 PM April 26, 2016 NempieBlues said:

Keep on Running is straight up dope man! Great album.
11:26 AM April 26, 2016 rolu said:

Good work yet!!Love you Beanz! great work....
10:48 AM April 26, 2016 jj1944 said:

I love this mixtape. I can't get enough of Keep On Running.
10:44 AM April 26, 2016 beachgirl said:

Great Beat...keep on, keepin' on!
9:52 AM April 26, 2016 Darina_J said:

Love the music. Really enjoying it
9:46 AM April 26, 2016 mario_32 said:

The sound is Heavenly!!I like that!I wish to listen their music all day at work!