B.o.B - E.A.R.T.H.

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9:56 AM July 19, 2017 seedaboi via iOS App:

I believe B.o.B might be apart of the establishment because he always has their symbolism in his videos and IS mainstream. They probably just have him speaking truth to put it in plain sight in effect hiding the truth.
4:12 AM December 5, 2016 bakwoodg via Mobile:

we are under the firmament
11:12 PM July 31, 2016 territrep06 said:

B.O.B is the truth! I swear he is one of the most HONEST rappers out there! "F'kin Science Bro" speaks VOLUMES!!! REAL TALK!
8:03 AM May 27, 2016 dtisdale06 via iOS App:

All 3 mixtapes are epic. Jordan 96 this is legendary, mark my words. Put these on vinyl!
4:16 AM May 21, 2016 playitbackent via Mobile:

11:20 PM May 15, 2016 southern_recipe91 said:

Mixtape score worth 10,000 quality, beats, creativity & bars
11:19 PM May 15, 2016 southern_recipe91 said:

Love trap music but glad to see the south still has a lyricist
3:01 AM May 14, 2016 goodygoods said:

Truth!!! I love this thanks!!!

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