Rage - Scottie Pippen

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11:45 AM May 18, 2016 mcgriddles90210 said:

Anytime man. I'm gonna be lookin out for sure. Everyone wants to know who I'm bumpin. Not often can I actually listen to a whole tape and not skip a song. It's like some three6, Kevin gates, and Bo deal in one
12:29 AM May 18, 2016 ragemuzik1 said:

mcgriddles90210 u named 3 of my favorites, they are very personal so whenever somebody say something about them i get chills. Im working on Scottie Pippen 2 as we speak thank u for your support.
7:48 PM May 16, 2016 mcgriddles90210 said:

I think 2 8 and 13 are the hottest but the whole tape is raw. So when's the next one droppin?
8:23 PM May 9, 2016 ragemuzik1 said:

SauceGotti21 you are much appreciated just keep spreading the word and tell them to log in and vote. And hit me up on facebook messenger with your email and ill send u some free apparel thank u again homie!! Salute!!!!!
2:28 PM May 9, 2016 SauceGotti21 via iOS App:

No problem homie! Whole tape dope. Count me as a new fan!!!!
10:56 PM May 8, 2016 ragemuzik1 said:

thank u bristerstreet for the support whats your favorite song!!!!!!!!
4:59 PM May 7, 2016 bristerstreet said:

Bumpin! Way to go RAGE!
2:02 AM May 5, 2016 ragemuzik1 said:

SauceGotti21 Thank u homie!! Stand is a song originally by ty dollar sign, on his version he got the heads with strings on them, they look like ballons. I think it's one of the hardest songs on the planet. Thank you for taking the time out to comment!!