CharlestheFirst - Running Through The Forest

Being lost is profound. To be lost is not to be in a state of helplessness or distress, but rather to embrace the notion that wilderness is all around us. That there is magic in the forest. That we inhabit a planet full of other worlds. That there is euphoria in rain. Enlightenment is to find yourself lost, to relish the glowing embers of a rosen sunset and to venture deep into an abyss in search of unearthly things. Transcendence comes from acceptance that the most solid foundations begin with the intangible. That to see is to explore the ethereal realm that can't be held by our hands. That to hear is fundamental, but to listen is revolutionary. Beauty lies not in the beholders eye, but in the minds of all of us, the lost beings hurtling through space dust, spinning wildly and loving madly, eternally.

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