Spank Lee - Half A Bag

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6:21 PM March 3, 2017 Pare9tal said:

**** spank lee!!!! This nigga biting song titles "Fell In Love" & "Swang My Door" from Gucci smh. This **** garbage anyway he don't get no shine cause this aint no hate this the truth like Guwop say I kno ur character how can I listen to ur music?
6:46 PM June 25, 2016 Pare9tal via Mobile:

Fkuxk nigga muzix
7:22 PM June 12, 2016 ilovemetoo2784 said:

my nigga lee 410 fuks wit u thanks for the music
10:15 PM June 7, 2016 tg220cashaddict via Mobile:

Real music
6:16 PM June 2, 2016 fsu5 said:

Hottest **** out!!! Come & place your order whole mixtape legendary