Pound 4 Pound MC

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10:10 PM July 6, 2019 JthaGreat05 via Android App:

CashMoney was so mf hard omg back then
3:43 AM June 5, 2016 MRDBO314 said:

Man...... The music that's out now, can't compare to what we were listening to back then..... Big Big ups to this mixtape..... Hands down...
11:42 PM June 2, 2016 sickbird via Mobile:

Trump for prez
5:07 PM June 2, 2016 Thesis5 said:

starlito and buck are from Nashville Homie Don Trip is the only name that u said from Memphis
11:37 PM June 1, 2016 Tfwo said:

Where my niggas starlito,don trip,and buck.you can't rep Memphis wit out them
10:11 PM June 1, 2016 ypool43 said:

3 suicides in my family in 30 days. most Alaska suicides you hear about are my blood family. im struggling to keep myself alive, these tunes keep my head up.
10:09 PM June 1, 2016 ypool43 said:

yall are struggles no more than I, but yall want to see the real 3 M hood struggle, come test your struggle skills to Alaska. talk bout cold, hard lives, and struggle. respect.
10:07 PM June 1, 2016 ypool43 said:

I can say these guys at least try. 50/50 for the murder money marijuana 3 M hoods. respect for these rappers, they try to understand the 3 M hood struggle. johnny cinco - get to it, the realest tunes out there.