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6:30 PM June 26, 2016 david12346789 via iOS App:

**** New York
1:35 AM June 13, 2016 alre22 said:

Stop hatin on the greatest city in America
4:25 AM June 11, 2016 dwest912 said:

**** would be hot if it came out in 2000
2:57 PM June 10, 2016 TravDaddy said:

12:44 PM June 10, 2016 lexacon via Mobile:

Y'all niggas be on some fu fu **** really fuk care where u from either u like the music or not grow the fuk up you superfly bum *** niggas man FOH
10:49 AM June 10, 2016 KingDD86 via Mobile:

Keep yo head up ave
10:23 AM June 10, 2016 djsha via Mobile:

If you get caught don't say me ! Troy Ave keep your head up JERSEY IN THE BUILDING
11:36 PM June 9, 2016 L1sa_lee said:

It's not bout the south or north. Who get some money y'all on them man mixtape talk bout other **** where the money at