Free Gas 31

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8:49 PM September 27, 2016 southsideYounging said:

Jr boss x Super Nard hard af
4:46 PM June 16, 2016 djbathinnate28 via Android App:

thats my nigga hitman shawty he's back!!!
10:52 PM June 11, 2016 StoneyColeone via Mobile:

Its got a few good ones on it.A least it ain't got the same songs as every other mixtape.
4:40 PM June 10, 2016 JayHenGwoppa via iOS App:

🤐🍔 salute hitman shawty been going crazy for sum years real trap nigga
10:22 AM June 10, 2016 ldee2163 via Mobile:

No name wack rappers
10:04 AM June 10, 2016 ypool43 said:

bunch a ****** rappers these days, rap bout hoes all the time like some fags. must have grew up ****d and gaped. start rappin bout them 3M hoods, murder money marijuana, Alaska style.