OG Hustle - Promise Land

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3:32 AM July 6, 2016 kukurko_puxar said:

These beats are emphatic. I really loved all the tracks.
3:29 AM July 6, 2016 MaryGoins said:

I'm loving these beats. Loving the lyrics as well. Put it all on the line-absolutely loving it. Its a great mix.
3:29 AM July 6, 2016 TRexBoss said:

This mixtape is fire! I would rather listen to this than some of the so called "music" on the radio. Where can I download it?!
11:03 PM July 5, 2016 andrew780 said:

Absolutely great beats........ love this mixtape. Awesome tines!!!!
5:07 PM July 5, 2016 jalt123 said:

Mama was great - I could really relate to it. Really diggin' the whole mix too.
4:58 PM July 5, 2016 RitcheyRich said:

I'm diggin this mixtape. It hits hard and keeps hittin. Purpose is a great song. The music is smooth and the lyrics will blow you away. We need more music like this in the industry. Keep em comin.
4:13 PM July 5, 2016 srenata6 said:

Very rarely do mixtapes tell a story in the way this one does. I'm floored! Dope!
3:16 PM July 5, 2016 gorge50 said:

This mixtape is loaded with epic beats. Thru Da Fire is one of my favorites.