Drippin Sauce

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8:49 AM July 8, 2016 Lk91 said:

Bull**** you cant drip sauce without dem boy from TSF FOH
4:33 PM July 6, 2016 wert214 via Mobile:

Damn @ least have sumbody from TSF n der yea dis a L 4sho
10:41 AM July 6, 2016 blaime via Android App:

**** Krack!!!! #Salute to DJ Westside & Smooth 💯....!!! Shoutout to the Sauce Twins for the Promo they gettin up here!! Erybody winning i guess!!! Make sure to BANG #11 #NoFux #BLAIME
1:14 AM July 6, 2016 cuzzkilla via Mobile:

Wer is the sauce .. The main INGREDIENTS are missing this that gluten free sauce #****DjWestside
3:51 PM July 5, 2016 Daniel2184 said:

This DJ lame asf tho, straight disrespect to the sauce twinz n TSF. "Drippin Sauce" title reads it, not one sauce twinz or TSF song on this ****. Trash; down vote this ****.
1:15 PM July 5, 2016 MarcusJr95 said:

Real Talk. How dare this nigga?? Like Really. people say the sauce twinz suck....BUT STEAL their lingo. ?I dont understand it!!
6:56 AM July 5, 2016 DLD214 via iOS App:

Fr. **** this mixtape and dj what type of **** is that
4:06 AM July 5, 2016 POPZ00 said:

straight disrespect not to have 1 sauce twinz orTSF artist on this mixtape