Sol Rising - The Chillout Sessions

The Chillout Sessions’, Sol Rising’s fourth full-length release of all original production, drops today. The Los Angeles based producer leaps out of his more hip-hop and funk infused dance music comfort zone to speak to another, more intimate and chill mode of life. ‘The Chillout Sessions’ is notably more of a slow flow than his past work, featuring 10 tracks merging deep trap and chill wave. These beats were crafted with the dual purpose of listening while relaxing night or day, and to inspire lively movement while vibing out to an epic sunrise.

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4:35 PM February 5, 2017 Ax1218 said:

SpiritGotSwag is pretty good
6:57 PM September 9, 2016 tg220cashaddict via Mobile:

Lets collab i gota real mainstream hit