Jayarson - In The Meantime

DJs: DJ Hektik
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10:23 PM August 21, 2016 AK472001 said:

ICE WATER HOMIE!!!!!!!!!! I'm ready for TC3
10:16 PM August 21, 2016 JayPGM504 said:

WHOLE TAPE LIT!!!!!!!!!!
12:41 AM August 14, 2016 GinaOn3 said:

12:28 AM August 14, 2016 TinaAnn said:

I meet some guys handing download cards in New Orleans a couple of days ago and I must say I'm impressed overall I normally don't listen to rap period but this guy J Arson is going places amazing product.
8:03 AM August 11, 2016 JHlab01 said:

Jay I watched you perform at the house of blues in New Orleans years ago. I'm a day one fan my brother continue to grow as an artist. I enjoyed the mature content of this project.... KEEP WORKING
10:31 PM August 6, 2016 KATWilson said:

You don't here the lines POWERFUL never heard of dude until today you have a fan forever Jay Arson. This was a great body of work I can't wait to see what is next!
10:19 PM August 6, 2016 SweetCandyKam said:

OMG JAY I'm so proud of you keep pushing the tape was really hot like you are ;)
1:58 PM August 6, 2016 AK472001 said:

YO!!!!!! Whole tape was ice water!!