Arrogant Music 12

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12:27 PM November 3, 2016 mastamindatl via Mobile:

I never listened to #3 In august 2016 but i hear that shxt on the radio and that shxt go hard af. I wish i wouldve known that was a hit i woulda been playin it
9:21 PM August 18, 2016 kcmojesse via Android App:

How you gonna put Lil' Wayne on the cover when there aint even a single song with him on it??? Especially when the cover looks gay as ****!
12:51 PM August 17, 2016 lexacon via Mobile:

****in wit #9
8:05 PM August 13, 2016 CarmenSanchezColello via Mobile:

Gucci the king
6:11 PM August 13, 2016 CiscoSosa90 via Mobile:

2:19 PM August 13, 2016 KhristSpice via Mobile:

Damn dat black beatles go hard