Robb Skee - Blood, Sweat & Kush

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7:18 PM October 29, 2016 wmsfootball said:

this able is the definition of sick hood rap!!
1:27 AM October 29, 2016 xxNickm1002xx said:

This tape is dope man, such good beats. I'm def gonna be blasting this driving around town. Keep up the good work dude!
12:38 AM October 29, 2016 brooksp40 said:

I love the beat of songs on this mixtape!The beats of the song make you feel like dancing and they worked perfectly with the songs. Really good quality of the sound and the raps were very good and well written. I loved it good job!
8:44 PM October 28, 2016 RitcheyRich said:

Leanin' Like A Kickstand is dope. I'm diggin the beat. It's different than what I normally hear. This mixtape will be in my next workout mix.
6:39 PM October 28, 2016 kaylalake06 said:

Such a dope mixtape, needed this for my car jams!
6:07 PM October 28, 2016 solorioj127 said:

Amazing mixtape! Favorite song is Mad Rich.
3:39 PM October 28, 2016 creatorszones said:

We couldn't believe our ears when we heard Little Mix had teamed up with superstar "Robb Skee". however when we finally got to hear A lovely album....
12:54 PM October 28, 2016 sebbasebas said:

10/10!!! You're tape is straight fire its reminds me of some of the better new rappers that are out today like kodak black or even kevin gates.