DJ Paul - Mafia 4 Life

DJs: DJ Scream
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12:47 PM April 13, 2017 DJConley via Android App:

please make one more Three 6 Album while 4 out of 6 members still remaining....i beg youuu
Scale-A-Ton X Taylor Gang
10:52 PM November 2, 2016 bizzy773 said:

Yall niggaz sleep Dj Paul be having dat heat highkey tho
8:38 PM September 18, 2016 E_Down said:

Number 3 bruh...oh so accurate.
1:47 AM September 14, 2016 gucci662 said:

Why this only have a 64???? I forgot dis generation don't know real music...go hard thanks DJ Paul for some real music....
10:11 PM September 7, 2016 mrneffst said:

Damn Paul that Fly still Bumpin. Wish you cats would do one more Triple 6 album, with Fly, Skinny and etc..
12:58 AM September 7, 2016 duckdown1 via Mobile:

U n Juicy J NEED to produce one mor Skinny Pimp l, one more Gangsta Black, and one more Playa Fly. I know u c da bread n dat. Its what your fans. clarksdale, ms
6:11 PM September 6, 2016 duckdown1 via Mobile:

DJ Paul...... Game needs u man....🔥🔥🔥🔥
8:14 PM September 2, 2016 HypnotizedTodd36 said:

M4L!!!!! ma ma mafia!!!