Get Buck (ATL Salute)

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2:41 AM September 5, 2016 theoster said:

bring back thoughts of the good times. This before music got all messed up
3:40 AM September 3, 2016 kane859 via Mobile:

10:20 PM September 2, 2016 daronEA6 via iOS App:

Should've had yola ain't gone let up on here
7:41 PM September 2, 2016 djbathinnate28 via Android App:

don't worry im producing Miracle new project comin soon!!
4:08 PM September 2, 2016 MixtapeFetish said:

Fire. Some of my favorites
4:01 PM September 2, 2016 southern_stunna said:

L for the DJ. Naming a mix "Get Buck" dedicated to ATL is a joke. "Get Buck" music started in Memphis which later grew into ATL Crunk. ATL stole Get Buck (Crunk) from Memphis and stole Bass Music from Miami.