DJ Nick Radio 19

DJs: DJ Nick
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6:50 PM September 14, 2016 fukyomixtape said:

#TrashCover Just change the number broke a$$ DJS
10:21 AM September 13, 2016 PHov said:

Hip hop is in a state of emergency. Where is NAS, The Game, Dr Dre, Em, Jay. Somebody needs to breathe some life back into hip hop. This stuff now-a-days is straight doo doo
6:11 PM September 12, 2016 JayEhmHuh via Android App:

3:55 PM September 12, 2016 iamkyou via iOS App:

Expected more out of the andree 3k verse 🙁🙁🙁
3:44 PM September 12, 2016 tripsick said:

#tripsick is nino casino, dta, and superb