Catch The Wave 6

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7:24 AM September 25, 2016 kdub246 via Mobile:

Gucci n dolph went off bling blaww
2:35 PM September 21, 2016 MurphyBryanPlug said:

Legit Plug on the Pain Killers,Medical Mariijuanaana And Actavi$ Purple Drank
Real Dj's and Emcee's Should Email me at Backonmagrind987(@)gmail. c o m
Proofs before you get Some Coming
11:27 AM September 21, 2016 dreal68 via Mobile:

8:13 AM September 21, 2016 KhristSpice via Mobile:

#1 should of jus been called i got hoes
5:02 PM September 20, 2016 GTownHound17th via Mobile:

Where is dat new diss track by Tha Game over Young M.A. track? Tha Game just gave REAL HIP HOP LIFE AGAIN
2:53 PM September 20, 2016 Mrprescod via Mobile: