Quicktrip - F.A.C.T.S 2 (From A Corner To A Studio)


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11:08 PM July 24, 2017 isobeatz_19 via Mobile:

Quicktrip da nigga
8:29 PM February 4, 2017 HAGA via Mobile:

So I gotta be smart not to be a hatter lmao that's what's up. Thanks mane...I really needed that Haha
4:17 AM February 4, 2017 iphone6snl via iOS App:

What a time to be alive!
10:40 PM February 3, 2017 yaboidt7 said:

"@HAGA da hoe Niggah" if you was so smart you wouldnt be a hatter all your life....guess that's what you do lol....carry on
3:07 AM January 24, 2017 HAGA via Mobile:

It's hater not hatter you dumb **** lmao take your black *** back to school instead of tryna be a gangster lol stop watching gangland haha
4:54 PM January 8, 2017 jamminlikefuck via Android App:

Shoulda put Lil Soulja Slim on this mf
10:15 AM January 5, 2017 1mikewill via Mobile:

4:59 PM January 3, 2017 ambition491 via iOS App:

Where tf boochie at on this bih u got all these others niggas

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