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3:22 PM December 5, 2017 musicguru84 via Android App:

a year later and still goes so smooth......
7:40 PM November 6, 2016 PeckhamPanther78 said:

I grew up on that early 80's,R&B electro-Funk music, hope this get some reconition, smmooooth vibes ;)
1:40 PM October 8, 2016 Pranayama said:

Goes hard in the headphones. Lit like a mf.
9:51 AM October 6, 2016 musicguru84 via iOS App:

This mixtape is everything right now.....immediately made me think of "how deep is your love-Keith sweat" when it started out. Fresh af.
12:37 PM October 5, 2016 FOHbish said:

cruisin to this

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