Strap Da Fool & Mexico Rann - Mexico Strapped


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8:48 PM July 5, 2018 CK_Got_Guapo via iOS App:

Yoooo I b bumping this **** all day
8:34 PM December 22, 2016 CK_Got_Guapo via iOS App:

Mexico strapped snapped on this whole tape
2:05 PM November 20, 2016 Breath via Mobile:

Strap da fool dey acting like dey not recognizing that real trap **** lol ... strap da fool got that real trap voice ATL zone6 sh##t
2:15 PM November 10, 2016 memrkrazy1 via Mobile:

Money MAN dropping on black Friday
11:55 AM November 9, 2016 1juggster via iOS App: clicc
11:07 PM November 3, 2016 iLiketowin said:

strap don't miss bruh
2:18 PM November 2, 2016 preme via iOS App:

A niggas slept on that Cartel n Scooter tape bacc in 2012 and nigga sleep on Strap period that hard times is some his best work it really had me thinking about a lot of stuff man we lost Bankroll
10:56 AM October 28, 2016 TheRealTrav1013 said:

The world is sleeping on Mexico Strapped! WAKE UP! FreeBand Gang La Familia!

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