Nick Cannon - The Gospel Of Ike Turn Up, My Side Of The Story


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9:34 AM April 14, 2017 TaylorGangMula23 via iOS App:

Lmfao this nigga is *** 😂😭 I tried to give it a chance because everybody deserves one but nigga 💀 like these beats nice some of the features good but his rapping make my ******* hurt
5:21 PM December 10, 2016 bjaybutta5 via Mobile:

3, 12, 16 low-key lit.
2:45 PM December 10, 2016 Chughey88 said:

This mixtape makes me cringe...stick to wild n out Nick.
8:11 PM December 7, 2016 Junkwaffles via Android App:

lmfaooo! who likes this ****.. I can't even bring myself to listen to this corny, Wayne Brady coon *** nigga. I'm surprised he didn't get Disney Channel to sponsor this bs.
9:11 PM December 5, 2016 R3n_G via Mobile:

I can smoke to this Nick went in
8:53 PM December 5, 2016 zellie2311 via Android App:

#5 sounds like the old gucci
1:15 PM December 1, 2016 slim901p via Mobile:

Why would she let me be her first when she knew she wouldn't be my last........ bar of the year nominee more bars like this would be great for your career
1:11 PM December 1, 2016 slim901p via Mobile:

He got his flow up next up bars no offense just being real but this **** cool keep going black man way better than them gigglo days