Killabyte - Departure EP

Best known for his cinematic electronic sound, Killabyte unveils his standout 2 track EP, Departure with Heroic. Within Departure, Killabyte unravels grand soundscapes, luminated by euphoric melodies and and other-worldly ambience. With a keen ear for melodic dubstep and a glowing future bass style, Killabyte finds his niche to tug at the most vulnerable sensitivities of listeners through his sound. 'The first track, Lifelight, focuses heavily on incorporating new and unique chords I wouldn't normally attempt to use in a song. This was sort of a step outside of my comfort zone, and playing around with different melodies throughout my track helped me learn new things about production and music theory. The second track, entitled Departure, was a song that relied less on theory and much more on emotion. I wrote it during a very tough time in my life, and writing the song was my way of coping with reality. While my world was falling apart around me, I found solice in writing a beautiful piece of music.' - Killabyte

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