Black O - The Beginning

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2:10 PM August 10, 2017 TreezAllDay213310 via Mobile:

Remind me of Doe b
10:08 AM November 30, 2016 Tmack23 said:

Bout time Black O we been waiting on this keep puttin on for SC
8:42 AM November 28, 2016 LeeHighQB said:

My Life is real ****
2:48 PM November 26, 2016 shtx via iOS App:

Bro why tf you stole doe b style bro you so fake bro make your on style bro trying to sound like him bro
4:48 PM November 25, 2016 Kelzkrayyyyyodb via Mobile:

Dumb *** stupid retarded last track omg Black O i dont have to meet you n person to know u a street nigga "Myself" is conformation
3:02 PM November 25, 2016 GoopDert45 said:

Super Nard is cold.. I like that My Life
1:14 PM November 25, 2016 Joryh via iOS App:

12:36 PM November 25, 2016 Muzikfene said:

This is a Impressive Debut project! Im a FAN! Black O You Got IT!
GO KRAZY! #Swear

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