Now You Must Climb Alone

'In 2013, I was in the heat of digging through SoundCloud trying to find electronic music's best-kept secrets. In my searching, I found a track called 'Troubles (Part One)' by a mysterious artist called Now You Must Climb Alone. At the time, this track was the only song on the artist's page, but that was fine with me, I just had to restart the song over and over, but I was content. I ended up reaching out to the artist and I soon discovered that 'NYMCA' is a side project of a very talented musician, Alex Hentze, hailing out of Guatemala. Since then, I would say that 'NYMCA' has remained one of my favorite discoveries of all time. SVNSET WAVES featured him on RISING TIDES vol. 2 and in 2015 when I decided to transition SVNSET WAVES from a blog into a label, Now You Must Climb Alone was one of the first artists to come to my mind when thinking of artists I wanted on board. And now here we are in 2016, finally putting out the release we had talked about since 2013, and I am so damn excited. This self-titled release features some of my all-time favorite classics as well as a few unreleased goodies we are proud to release for the first time. Alex, thank you for creating music that has played such an important role in my life over the past few years. Hopefully, more is to come from SVNSET WAVES and Now You Must Climb Alone; thank you so much for checking out the release.' - Corbin Cary (Founder of SVNSET WAVES)

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