Derlee & Daily Bread - Divided Souls

The Divided Souls LP was crafted throughout 2016 and is the culmination of many long hours, late night discussions, and long miles traveled. 'This project has shaped up to be one of my favorites. It begins with a happy tone but by the final track the mood has changed completely. This release has been a true collaborative effort on many fronts. I'd like to extend a big thanks to Jordan, Derlee, Al, and everyone who has made it out to a show, bought merch, or shown love over the past year. Extended thanks to Vinson Smith, TVPES, Bells & Robes, Obeah, One Global Photography, and Dan Linden Photography. The people i've met this past year and the places I've been have changed my life. Thank you.' - Rhett // Daily Bread 'Thank you to: Philos Records--specifically Jordan for his relentless work and support, EJ, Al, Obeah, TVPES, Bells and Robes, Twin Peaks Studios, and all the 'Bread Heads' out there that've shown nothing but love and support. Excited to continue this journey with you all in bringing these soulful sounds to your ears! Last but not least, major thank you to Rhett. You've been an inspiration and a friend. Much love to everyone out there listening. Peace!'

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