St. Laz - King Of The Underground

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5:16 PM January 12, 2017 jettech via Android App:

Why dont you ******s go and listen to ******s dressed in woman's clothing doing mumble rap since u belong in that genre with them. This music is the truth.
2:04 AM January 4, 2017 vinnieDee said:

what is this supposed to be ? I think this will be the last time I click on anybodies mixtape. This loser is on my Facebook every single day claiming he is great. He sucks donkey balls. I can say if he is a king it is the king of sucking D1ck
5:44 AM January 3, 2017 pottersfieldkid said:

Start the new year off with some good hate and d*ck riding, ^°°° ST. LAZ THE KING!!!!
9:12 PM January 2, 2017 ceeloblue said:

This is garbage bag music. Throw this in the garbage bag and forget it. I cannot believe how bad hip hop has become . This St Laz sounds like a retard , like a downs syndrome old dude trying to rap . Worst **** I have heard in months