Codeine Overdose 8

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6:22 PM January 9, 2017 Stevehebner said:

As someone that's been clean for 8 years and was a heroin addict, that's done some pretty grimy ****; I can tell u there's nothing cool about it!!!!
6:20 PM January 9, 2017 Stevehebner said:

To cash219 there gonna think its a cool thing until they actually become one!!! The few hip hop artists that actually are junked out when b broadcasting like that I can guarantee it!!!
5:04 PM January 8, 2017 cash219 via Mobile:

I can't wait to see the future of heroin addicts these new age fag rappers created.. Being a junky became the cool.thing
12:21 PM January 8, 2017 Heesvfsabh via Mobile:

**** lame AF
10:20 AM January 8, 2017 grimeville via Android App:

Its dolph!! Uh Huuuh !🔥
8:53 PM January 7, 2017 tremob via Mobile:


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