Mayhem - 2083

I really put myself out there for 2083. I've soul searched for years to put my finger on exactly what defines myself or "Mayhem". For the longest time it was Drum & Bass exclusively and as time passed, I began to try my hand at new sounds and perspectives. Through Dubstep, Electro, Rap I added some new takes on what my sound/purpose could be and set the stage for me to create some of my biggest records yet. I wanted to return to a space where I could feel the freedom of creating something that was innocent yet experienced, devoid of concern for the dance floor or trend, brave in a way and crazy in another but, most important, definitively me. I hope y'all can take the time to check out the album because I believe I have done myself justice. It's 30 mins of vibey funk crossed with aggressive trapanese, house, future, internet, memes and r&b. Now streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, ClubTapes etc. Thank you for your support, all the good times we've shared, and I wish y'all an amazing 2017. Dream, believe, achieve & trust your gut.

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