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Nice & Slow 52.5 (NE Forever)

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Score: 139
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Uploaded 01/29/2017
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3:32 PM February 7, 2017 shunscott via Mobile:

The Truth. From D-Town 2 H-Town!! Texas Stand Up
9:57 PM February 2, 2017 Workbad said:

lol I **** with it
3:23 PM February 2, 2017 watki3 said:

Ppl who don't understand the culture of the music were the fad. Yall only listened when it was popular. Screw ain't for everybody. If you don't like take yo azz somewhere else and stop knocking this man's work. Shoutout To The DJ Slim K
5:24 AM February 2, 2017 JayRebel713 said:

Stop hatin on this Texas ****. Y'all ain't from here, so y'all wouldn't understand till we leave with your ***** while this **** bumpin in the trunk.
10:42 PM January 30, 2017 lmunson via Mobile:

This some stait manure, why???
10:37 PM January 30, 2017 bossman_white via Mobile:

Lmao how y'all just gone **** up new edition tho some **** just ain't suppose to be chopped and screwed😑
4:34 PM January 30, 2017 Michael_Penton said:

This genre of music ain't for everybody salute to Slim K and O.G Ron C
1:15 PM January 30, 2017 Mars_11 said:

JG should never be chopped and screwed!! Pause.. The end of My My My sounded like a gargoyle was singing it! LOL