Iceberg Shawty - The Spot Hot

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10:42 AM February 17, 2017 DariusDaQb said:

Bro this **** is so ****ing garbage
2:37 PM February 8, 2017 ladyconsumer said:

This is so awesome - such a great mix of styles and beats - can't wait to hear this over and over!
5:56 AM February 8, 2017 ahmedrakib74747 said:

Great mixtapes!!!! My favorite song is"Dunk Ryder". Really its awesome.
11:28 PM February 7, 2017 gopcolumbus said:

This is really exciting and live, great job
10:45 PM February 7, 2017 nerphy404 said:

It sounds awesome, so excited for the mixtape to come out. Great stuff!
3:38 PM February 7, 2017 ickyacky said:

Love it! Can't wait for it to come out!
3:23 PM February 7, 2017 sajadworking said:

I really enjoyed listening to your mixtape. That CoCoa track is really amazing. Keep up the good work.
10:33 AM February 7, 2017 happysnappy said:

I'm excited for the mixtape to come out!

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