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Pastor Troy - O.G.P.T.

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Uploaded 02/12/2017


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3:33 PM February 6, 2018 Mcrem via iOS App:

Real nigga ish rite hurr mang
2:10 AM December 11, 2017 marley125 via Mobile:

Did this nigga steal pac whole song???
7:02 PM July 24, 2017 jfoot via Mobile:

My nigga pt cruiser always bring hitsπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
7:12 PM July 9, 2017 GertTownQT via iOS App:

Did P T rat on dudes in Htown and his home town? I always wanted to know that.
7:46 PM May 27, 2017 tillman2780 via Mobile:

9:04 AM March 29, 2017 naszilla via iOS App:

This tape would be 12/10 if it was mastered. Sound like PT verses were done over speaker phone. It's ok in headphones, but you gonna look like you got ****ty speakers if you try to jam this in the car.
10:54 PM March 25, 2017 enigmaslim3 via Android App:

this **** is wack
12:22 AM March 24, 2017 dubthis via Mobile:

Been ****ing with Troy since the 90's ..Don't sleep!