The Best Of Texas 6

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7:59 PM June 22, 2017 cdashp via Android App:

this **** jam hard as fawk you boyz kus gotta fux wit it!
4:04 PM April 21, 2017 cappuccino said:

01, 21, 22 fire,
11:54 AM April 8, 2017 DLD214 via iOS App:

I swear mfs in Texas live in the fukn past. That's why Texas ain't on rn cus y'all just wanna listen to old ****. This the new generation different sounds have to come out of Texas it's not always gonna slab music or screwed up music
12:17 AM March 18, 2017 quinJ95 said:

saw chuzu and trill at the library at sxsx yesterday! chuzu told me to come check out this mixtape. LoveIT
11:16 AM March 9, 2017 17calibay said:

#20 got me in my feelings DJ Watts good tape homie! from the westcoast
8:40 AM March 7, 2017 scottyork said:

ChuZu coming up! i see he got mo3 on a record. dope as hell!
1:39 PM February 27, 2017 nique2800 said:

Neezy tha Trill bac on the playlist again!!!!...look out for this man!!!!!
10:40 AM February 27, 2017 dreyrichrich03 said:

This goes hard 🔥🔥🔥 TX rappers are the best hands down 💯