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Lil Uzi Vert - Luv Is Rage 1.5

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Score: 2,192
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Uploaded 02/28/2017
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10:04 AM October 29, 2017 Genelle1 via Mobile:

2 and 3 are the best
10:19 AM May 29, 2017 Sk3am via Android App:

this **** is garbage asswipes like him an migos are KILLING RAP
7:38 AM May 12, 2017 Nineteen85 via iOS App:

There is no wake up call you moron. THIS NIGGA ALREADY MADE IT
10:59 AM May 11, 2017 talltrappin15 via iOS App:

I **** with number 2
5:33 PM May 9, 2017 thedonofall said:

Someone need to OFF this dumb massisi boy...real talk he gonna get his negro wakeup call REAL soon out here in the streets death to this f4gboy
8:57 PM May 8, 2017 murkawicz said:

man i havent been on lil uz but when he got the best songs on livemixtapes you gotta give him the w
11:37 AM May 6, 2017 jk718_ via iOS App:

Not gonna like 3 goes hard af
1:47 PM April 23, 2017 jomodough via Mobile:

I can't lie this nigga do act n look gay af