OG Maco - Children Of The Rage

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10:31 PM May 7, 2017 chaliepippen via Android App:

bro I used to **** with og...but u just gotta really be a fan of him to like this..I really ****ed with his music but lately this **** ain't been for the streets
8:44 AM March 29, 2017 naszilla via iOS App:

They got Gospel Music Mixtapes now?
1:26 AM March 20, 2017 Pinkslime09 via iOS App:

This is okay...
3:33 PM March 18, 2017 darenzz via iOS App:

This his best project to date.
10:35 PM March 12, 2017 flexgod30 via Android App:

I like the angry of maco ion like the lyrical maco frfr
9:48 PM March 10, 2017 dninc said:

meh.. pass
12:29 AM March 10, 2017 DaDirtiest said:

another GAYTL mixtape with autotune
10:39 PM March 8, 2017 boogaman1 via Android App:

it's very conscious music. It took a couple open listens. Just open up and listen to the lyrics. you will relate to something he says.