Westside Gunn - Hitler On Steroids

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9:56 AM July 20, 2018 MilliTheDon via Android App:

the best out 716 stand up
8:29 PM March 31, 2017 b_citynyc11 said:

This nigga is da hardest MC in da street!kid!!
12:45 PM March 20, 2017 kdee8677 via Mobile:

These cats are nice I think slim got another one
11:07 AM March 19, 2017 alksimodo via Android App:

Comme si tu pouvais pas kiffer autant kiffer la Trap autotunéee que le bon hip hop va falloir changer de mentalité bande de cons
12:33 AM March 16, 2017 ctom_fitnessdeucedimeTX said:

Damn this Dude is Dope AF IDK how its a Negative
6:32 PM March 15, 2017 eazydarealist via Android App:

lookin the greatest goin in. Bars.
2:58 PM March 15, 2017 twuand via iOS App:

6:35 PM March 14, 2017 kayos17 via Mobile:

Yall haters my nigga wsg and conway came a long way s/o to my niggas good tape my boy