Lil Twist - Young Carter

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5:40 PM August 18, 2017 crippimnhc60 via iOS App:

Who tf care. This nigga trash all u young niggas listen to him. Y'all the type to listen to lil pump an em😂. I'm out✌🏾. Y'all can have rap. Rip 1979-2008
4:01 PM June 25, 2017 youngJ2323 via Mobile:

11:19 PM June 16, 2017 Quentavia33 via Mobile:

Better then Soulja Boy! It's decent.
11:13 PM May 7, 2017 ogkushdaily via Mobile:

No respect fucc outta here lil nigga
11:12 PM May 7, 2017 ogkushdaily via Mobile:

This nigga wack!!!! Hes justin bieber homies shame!!!! Thats justin beiber in black version lmao
4:06 PM May 1, 2017 Prime_Infinite via iOS App:

1:32 AM April 24, 2017 Blu_Ken via Mobile:

All the Wayne songs go ham!!! Nerve is my **** bruh!! The tape decent definitely his best work
2:24 PM April 22, 2017 kushkiddo via Android App:

how is this so trash? I think it's decent compared to a whole lot of bs young mfs spittin