Shad Da God - God Gang

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6:56 PM July 21, 2018 BeautifulThuggerGirlsYSL via Mobile:

Listen to Hey, I by Young Thug
10:40 AM May 20, 2018 queso said:

I still bump this in 2018
6:23 PM May 10, 2017 BrainDeadShorty via Mobile:

Shad da hardest n da xity nxt 2 super
9:44 PM May 4, 2017 royallm7s via Mobile:

****ing background gimicks gotta go. Too much. Props to SDG only. 🏆.
12:48 AM April 30, 2017 breezy_dayz via Mobile:

Haters ears must really be broke fr this bangs either they ears broke or they broke this is next up fr I hate haters
12:42 AM April 30, 2017 breezy_dayz via Mobile:

Great job fr like give this man his props haters ears must be messed up pat urself on the back this is beautiful go shad da God
9:32 PM April 29, 2017 breezy_dayz via Mobile:

This is a really good mix feeling the whole thing every song drawing down fr
7:24 PM April 25, 2017 bmk10 via iOS App:

**** hard 🔥🔥🔥

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