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Shad Da God - God Gang

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Score: 445
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Uploaded 04/17/2017
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6:23 PM May 10, 2017 BrainDeadShorty via Mobile:

Shad da hardest n da xity nxt 2 super
9:44 PM May 4, 2017 royallm7s via Mobile:

****ing background gimicks gotta go. Too much. Props to SDG only. 🏆.
12:48 AM April 30, 2017 breezy_dayz via Mobile:

Haters ears must really be broke fr this bangs either they ears broke or they broke this is next up fr I hate haters
12:42 AM April 30, 2017 breezy_dayz via Mobile:

Great job fr like give this man his props haters ears must be messed up pat urself on the back this is beautiful go shad da God
9:32 PM April 29, 2017 breezy_dayz via Mobile:

This is a really good mix feeling the whole thing every song drawing down fr
7:24 PM April 25, 2017 bmk10 via iOS App:

**** hard 🔥🔥🔥
6:53 PM April 23, 2017 anyhustle said:

This is so dope, i've actually logged in and commenting. Downloaded because he used to sound like old rocko. Nigga got his lane and he doing his thing, lud da features, lyrics, can drive super fast to this, ****s moving and clearly a evergreen mixtape!
12:56 PM April 23, 2017 jaythedonmack said:

**** is trash I'm tired of this ****