Sy Ari Da Kid - 2 Soon

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3:28 PM June 26, 2017 royallm7s via Mobile:

On P0!n+β˜‘ as aLοΏ¦ayz.
5:25 AM June 22, 2017 kspade08 via Mobile:

Under rated in ohio...they sleepin
1:03 AM June 2, 2017 migopacino via iOS App:

He improve every song πŸ’―
12:20 AM May 14, 2017 oshthadon via Mobile:

1:53 PM May 13, 2017 yungswade said:

flames as usual!
8:49 PM May 12, 2017 King_Darius17 via Mobile:

@ricosean, you can be in as many cliques as you wanna be, just as long as you πŸ’―. Niggas gone fucx with you regardless when your real and Sy is definitely a real one!
8:01 PM May 11, 2017 200thousand via Mobile:

@ricosean he's never been signed, he been rocking with BSM cuz dunk and d-bo was his niggas, everything else has been his on independent projects
7:25 PM May 11, 2017 74dunngotti via Mobile: