Tae Burks & Benjamin Deniro - L.Y.F.E.

The mixtape 'L.Y.F.E.' stands for Live, Young, For, Eva. Tae Burks came up with the name of the mixtape album. Tae Burks and Benjamin Deniro are two artist who collaborated on the mixtape. The music on the mixtape represents every day life that the two artist go thru on an every day basis. The two Midwest artist paints a picture of everyday life in Chicago where Benjamin Deniro is from & everyday life in Cleveland, Ohio where Tae Burks is from. The two linked back in 2007 in Akron Ohio, where Benjamin attended school at Akron University, since then the two artist have made numerous tracks together, but this is the first project that the two will officially drop on Father's day June 2017.

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