Sosamann - Sauce The World

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11:47 AM November 8, 2017 SS87 said:

@Mrmryhem this tape is not seeing Sauce Father at all
8:27 AM August 4, 2017 ogmane77 via Android App:

9:36 PM July 20, 2017 Mrmeyhem via Mobile:

I ain't gone lie his mixtape is better than the saucefather and Sosamann be having heat....but he signed tg to secure that bag but I see his beats and style ain't really changed..... i salute
10:26 AM July 19, 2017 Saucegodjd via Mobile:

Aye Mayne it's your 6o¥ kinG JD riGht here Mayne I'm thinkinG like this Mixtape From SosaMann aka Biggie Sauce is 🔥🔥🔥 #TSF #DripSet #💦auCeTheWorld #💦NLikeAFool OooWwwEeee!!!!!!!!
4:39 PM June 11, 2017 mastamindatl via Android App:

+1 Just fo that nice azz kover wit the redbxne on it
3:56 PM June 5, 2017 318901 said:

im fuccin wit it
9:58 AM June 4, 2017 hotwintercoldsummer via Android App:

he said "iont play uncle willie son" lmao
9:53 AM June 4, 2017 hotwintercoldsummer via Android App:

go get sum cake luh boy

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