OG Maco - OG Maco 3

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11:50 AM August 18, 2017 Geraldf912 via Mobile:

I actually like this mixtape.
3:04 PM July 21, 2017 shootie24 said:

**** you young hatin ***** *** lil kids, Maco been hard, fr QC got that roster. Pop a perc and ride to this, shoutout OG. Naptown ****in wit you
9:34 PM June 29, 2017 SuperchargerV12 said:

need to get off dem drugs n stick to weed my boi u use to be str8 now ya garbage
2:19 PM June 25, 2017 Khantai_Yxxng via Mobile:

Listening his tapes back to back & this nigga trash nowadays
12:54 PM June 20, 2017 MrRonn said:

this tape is fvcking trash
5:16 PM June 14, 2017 Lemarioearl via Mobile:

All this tracks dope
1:38 PM June 14, 2017 Cj_Max via Mobile:

only good song on here is 8ft.. OG maco use to be good. he dam near trash now