Nyketown Ju - Still Thumbing

DJs: DJ Drama

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9:43 PM February 8, 2018 realityhd via Android App:

this ****s hard
2:46 AM October 31, 2017 hendoe2 via Android App:

this nigga dont sound too bad
9:38 AM August 9, 2017 bluephi1914 said:

jigga who jigga what i got rich thanks to the rock... this lit
10:04 PM August 8, 2017 glacc6 via iOS App:

S.C y'all cluc'n. This why we can't get on. This score should be WELL above what it is. Nyketown_JU I'm fucn wit ya brah. #VisualSociety🌎✈️
11:49 AM August 6, 2017 glacc6 via iOS App:

Slice a cookie down the middle, don't it look like 6 o cloc!
6:31 PM August 4, 2017 iAmProjectking said:

Most def worth a listen.. Im rockin wit it
10:29 PM August 2, 2017 twadling via Android App:

decent tape, worth a listen
5:43 PM August 2, 2017 mixedupman said:

I did not hear this well enough some songs had beats that sounded ok at first but as i got further into it. It was not what i was hoping it was going to be. spoke way too soon.

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