Lil B - Black Ken

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6:27 PM March 12, 2018 CrownThis9 said:

You mean Lil Bitxxh , aka mr. Sweetness FagBag
6:22 PM January 9, 2018 fatpaks said:

better than the **** err body else been doing for the laast what like 5 6 years errbody else music is wack lil not wack he the based GOD GO DUMB
3:07 AM November 5, 2017 maddscratcher said:

i think its a re-release i remember this back in like 09-10ish **** bangs tho
10:23 AM September 30, 2017 ThePiggy said:

dude this is pretty good, its quite refreshing, its funny how lil b can make certain things sound cool. I swear to god im not on this boom bap vibe but i dont know this was quite fresh. Thank you based god.
11:14 AM September 23, 2017 trayj91 via Android App:

Lol you good lil b you still got it
4:59 PM September 6, 2017 dionta1 said:

dont like this mixtape of yours lil B, not one of the many songs I played. Some of the cali-style beats had me getting krunk but not many bro.
7:30 PM August 28, 2017 travinwhite via Mobile:

Thanks ugly God
12:30 PM August 27, 2017 KingTEEMAG69 said:

Lil B rocks a **** in yo mouth pretty *****

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