Fetty Wap - For My Fans 2

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5:28 AM February 27, 2018 ThatNiggaCold via Mobile:

Whole lot of trash
4:04 AM January 10, 2018 Kennn3217 via Mobile:

Number 10 coo im salty This **** is trash tho 😟
9:04 AM October 31, 2017 jamminlikefuck via Android App:

on his intrvw he said this was to feed his real fans he just put this out to tell them i still got yal he comin out wit sum new **** soon he got 800 songs in the chamber he locked and loaded he just gota choose da right time to put it out frfr.
11:47 PM October 22, 2017 stopsix_5 via Mobile:

8:52 AM October 21, 2017 djsha via Mobile:

Some Features would of helpef
3:23 AM October 21, 2017 foblocc via Mobile:

Bout time, needed some new Wap
10:32 AM October 18, 2017 Keyonnachurch via Mobile:

Very dissapointed in this mixtape
6:33 PM October 17, 2017 AveryMyers850 said:

PnB done humbled this dude

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