G$ Lil Ronnie - Act Broke Get Rich

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8:21 PM January 27, 2018 AKHEN7 via iOS App:

All the way in Brooklyn ny bumpn chapo thuka witha beam look like pepperoni πŸ’ͺ🏿πŸ’ͺ🏿
12:47 PM November 3, 2017 hotboiace via iOS App:

2:11 PM October 31, 2017 smokeywolf726 via Mobile:

Real trap **** keep up the finesse big homie
8:53 AM October 31, 2017 jamminlikefuck via Android App:

im ****n wit Texas
7:20 PM October 30, 2017 stopsix_5 via Mobile:

Whole lot of gang ****.#Murda Worth Tx.
7:21 AM October 30, 2017 cmasonpaidnfull said:

...also, start showing your producers some love don't take them for granted just because they're small time right now! Aside from that keep doing what y'all are doing!
7:21 AM October 30, 2017 cmasonpaidnfull said:

Ronnie, Yayo & CJ Kasino all I listen to these days. I really hope y'all can manage to keep this up. I used to be ATL by heart but the music coming out of the A now reminds me of the juice at the bottom of the trash can...
11:00 PM October 29, 2017 silentx214 via Android App: