Iggy Azalea - 4 My Ratz

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6:12 PM March 12, 2018 CrownThis9 said:

Yeah, the bitxxh is a rat
3:42 AM January 15, 2018 Remo1324 via Mobile:

Dis ****t is aweful
11:17 PM January 13, 2018 suedderedd via iOS App:

Lmao she got negative 79 damn that means she needs to give it up
11:21 AM December 29, 2017 TruNupe1911 said:

Not trying to hate but I gave the whole tape a listen I don't like her voice and her flow is wack, she will make it off of her looks! But keeping it real #1 & #4 is ok.
7:38 AM December 26, 2017 iHippie said:

definitely just came here to dislike lol
8:17 AM December 8, 2017 jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj via Mobile:

I'm not gone download it but the **** was straight, I gave it a plus
4:59 PM December 5, 2017 crippimnhc60 via iOS App:

Now watch she win a Grammy for this bull****. #amrkkka
12:49 AM November 21, 2017 boock1 said:

I was surprised to even see a mixtape from her on this website. **** if it's fye, I ain't jammin that ****