M.Stacks - The Beats That Didn't Make Last Call

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2:31 PM February 6, 2019 GrabStacks via iOS App:

Man **** wat y’all niggas tlking this ***** 🔥🔥🔥🔥 keep doin yo thang my nigga
10:03 PM January 10, 2018 dramanation via Android App:

sweet! Basslines feel legit but could use some random note quantizing. Great job
8:42 AM January 10, 2018 jtokz22497 via iOS App:

How tf are we suppose to believe these were actually considered for last call
8:55 PM December 27, 2017 cunextuesday said:

So besides Dat****t exclusives y'all now added yet another ****ty (instrumental) mixtape site w/ annoying tags that y'all takin **** from? Man I swear u muh****as earned that L in LMT fo real. Almost hurts to see how hard y'all fell off SMH